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New album "ZOLA" is out

ZOLA presents the cover of his first album.


Original work by the talented digital creative Saúl Muriel, drummer for the bands Gutgrinder, Kaijü, and Blaster, expresses the internal conflict that humanity suffers to find its way to perfection, to reach that state of peace, of supreme, eternal tranquility. The Tree of Life, represents the essence of existence. The tree bark symbolizes the path that connects with the incomplete state of man with deep roots in the weaknesses and fears, but pointing the desires and dreams in the direction of the celestial vault. The decisions we make are ramified towards the most powerful thoughts, with which, in the end, the arrival to the fullness of existence itself is illuminated.

The art is, as such, the compendium of that search to be narrated brilliantly in the stories of each song.

For its creation, the artist used different digital techniques of photo manipulation and digital retouching to add a greater impact on details.

"ZOLA", launched in collaborative partnership with Green Revolution, on February / March 2019.

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